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There are many resources available to help find your family stone, as well as information on how to learn more about your ancestry!

"The life of the dead is placed in the memory of the living." Marcus Tulliuis Cicaro

In 1996, the City of St. Louis acquired part of Washington Park for "aviation obstruction removals and land use compatibility" relating to Lambert Airport's longest runway. (11,018 ft) Estimated cost for the project was $40 Million. The "Cemetery Project" included the disinterment, transportation, and reinterment of the human remains buried in the affected area. has information on the reinterment of 11,974 deceased persons, including 165 persons indexed under "Doe" - Baby Doe 5, Jane Doe 88, John Doe 76.

Missouri Historical Society 


There are 71 original boxes of cards stored at the Historical Research Center in St. Louis, Missouri. They have been uploaded here. You can also contact the Research Library (west of Forest Park) at  (314) 746-4500. They would love to help you! -
Washington Park Cemetery

We are currently updating this database with a photo and GPS coordinates for each stone. You can check for your relative to see if their location has been updated. If it hasn't you can use the other resources to attain the location, and then use the mobile application to narrow down the physical location while looking!



Many St. Louisans who were buried here were reported in the St. Louis Globe Democrat. Search there first for an obituary., This will include names of close family members, the church where the funeral took place and the time of day when the burial took place.

This information can be powerful when connecting with lost ancestries! They can be found here!

Death Certificates


You can search Death Records from 1910-1969 here. For all other records, the Vital Records Department provides assistance in obtaining birth or death certificates recorded anywhere within the State of Missouri. State and  You can call or visit their website for forms and information.



Join and follow the Saving Washington Park Facebook page. You can connect with local descendants, share pics, ask questions and even help others reconnect with lost loved ones!

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