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4650 James S. McDonnell Blvd.

Berkeley, MO 63134

Volunteer Phone: 314-494-0600


*Please note this is a volunteer organization, and not the ownership or management of Washington Park Cemetery.

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If you need help locating ancestry or loved ones at Washington Park, please complete this form instead.

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Donate to the St. Louis Preservation Crew

The St. Louis Preservation Crew is organized and operated exclusively for charitable purposes in accordance with Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. More specifically, the St. Louis Preservation Crew is dedicated to preserving cultural heritage while offering living wage opportunities and education to local youth and young adults.

We are currently raising funds to apply for THE CORO FELLOWSHIP at the University of Missouri - ST. LOUIS.

This fellowship develops civic leaders by immersing them in rigorous, experiential, community-based leadership training. Coro Fellows are trained to effectively work across sectors, catalyze systems, and accelerate positive change.


Since 1973, the St. Louis Coro Fellows Program has equipped emerging civic leaders in the St. Louis region with the resources they need to understand how decisions are made, how complex policies are shaped, and how to influence meaningful change. Using the community as a classroom, Coro Fellows learn through interactions with private, public, and nonprofit decision-makers and work as a group to develop critical thinking, analytical, governance, and leadership skills. Coro Fellows join an unparalleled community of engaged alumni and leave the program with an understanding of how our region works and with the knowledge and skills to make it better.


Click here to read the full announcement about the Coro partnership with UMSL.

Coro Fellows are bright, self-initiating, and self-managing individuals with a firm commitment to community and civic engagement. They have diverse personal identities across race, ethnicity, age, gender, and sexual orientation and come from varied socioeconomic, educational, work, geographic, and political backgrounds. This diversity allows Fellows to learn how disparate individuals can work together to solve problems. The program demands stamina, rigorous thinking and analysis, and a deeply self-reflective approach to learning.

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